Tips for a blazing fast transition.

This takes a lot of what you have read about transitions up a notch. Please practice your transitions before trying them in a race.

Out of the swim:

Have goggles and swim cap in hand when running (with wet suit pulled down to waist) into T1. Toss goggles and cap to your site. Pull off wet suit as fast as you can and leave it where it falls. Don't try and fold it up and put it in a safe spot. I have been racing triathlons for 10 years and I have never experienced anyone messing with my stuff.

Out on the bike:

bike set-up

I have a rubber band on my aero bars to hold my sunglasses (and gu) so I don't have to lose the seconds it takes to put them on. After I get going and I am on a smooth straight part of the course, I will quickly slide my sunglasses on. If there is a short run out of T1, I will put my bike shoes on before leaving transition. This way you can run awkwardly only a short distance before mounting right in to your clips and your off. I will avoid trying to stuff my wet and sometimes numb foot into a clipped in upside-down shoe going 23mph any chance I get. If there is a longer run out of T1, I will have my bike shoes clipped on the bike. You can run faster and with less chance of wiping out while barefoot. While running out of T1, use the flying mount (*see below). You will be passing others and saving valuable seconds as you exit.

So, you have dropped your wet suit. Grab your bike, (use the above bullet points to pick your mount) and you are out of there. Hammer, hammer, hammer.

Into T2:

A half a mile or so prior to T2, I will increase my cadence a bunch to get my legs used to a high foot turnover. 100 or so feet prior to dismount, I will loosen the straps on my shoes. I will keep pedaling (to losen my shoe up) to keep my speed up passing as many of the slowing people as possible. At about 20 feet to dismount, I will get my feet out of the shoes, swing a leg over the bike, jam on the brakes and run off the bike into T2. As soon as you are in T2 and off your bike, un-clip your chin strap. When you arrive at your transition spot, toss your helmet on your stuff.

I use the aero water bottle on my bike and it always makes it hard to rack the bike, so I will either hang one brake lever over the rack or hang the bike from the nose of the seat. My shoes are on top of my race belt and my hat. After racking the bike, I put my shoes on, grab the hat and race belt and run. You can worry about putting these things on after you get going. Depending on how long the race is, you can have gu's/powerbars or what ever under your shoes to grab and take with you on the run.

I wrote this to help the people that don't have all the time in the world to train and get into shape. Training has taken a back seat to my family but I still want to place in a race if I can. I have been out of medal contention by seconds more times than I want to remember. Hurry up!

*Flying mount

While running with your bike out of T1 holding the nose of your seat to steer the bike, switch your grip to both bull horns and (while in a run) jump over the bike (left side) landing the inside of your right thigh on the seat. While landing on the seat, I will tense up and sort of grab the bike with my legs. After you get stable, start pedaling and you are off.
You might hear people say, "That person is crazy!" or, if the flying mount doesn't go as planned, " Hey, you all right?"