"Hey! There Goes My Mommy!"


"With more and more parents doing triathlons My Triathlon Family; gives young children an example of how they fit into the fitness scene. The illustrations make it easy for the youngest to see themselves in the future of triathlons. I am looking forward to giving my great grandchildren a copy of My Triathlon Family. My grandson is an accomplished triathlete".-- Carl Granetzke- triathlete/runner.

"Can't wait until the new book comes out. This book was the perfect beginner reader for my son. We both enjoyed the story and the pictures. I am sure it is quickly becoming a new favorite"--Heather Golnick

"My son loves when I read him your book. When we get to the end of the story, he says 'read it again, Mommy, read it again.'" -- Lauren Jensen

Book Summary

The boy in the story enjoys healthy nutritious meals with his parents. He likes to help them get ready for triathlon workouts and weekend races. The boy states that there is so much to see at triathlon races. He likes to get a good seat for the start of the triathlon so that he can see Mommy and Daddy throughout the race. As an author, I wanted to include the emotion and spirit that this lifestyle and sport possess. My Triathlon Family represents the average family. Each member of the family sees triathlon as a challenge. They encourage and push each other to achieve great things. I also wanted to include important places and people in the book. The story of books two and three is written to rhyme so that it is fun for both parent and child. I remain an advocate of health and wellness through a healthy active lifestyle. As a dietitian, I believe too much attention is being paid on food in regard to our obesity epidemic and not to our lack of activity. Diet is only a small piece of the puzzle. Our choice of Lifestyle and the degree of our activity level represent a much larger piece of the health and wellness puzzle. In a lighthearted way, I hope that these books send a positive message for the entire family to enjoy.

About the book

Author and triathlete, Glen McGowean, paints a fascinating picture of the sport as a lifestyle that promotes health and wellness perfectly suited for everyone.

This books represents how My Triathlon Family goes through a typical race day by showing more detail of the triathlon lifestyle. Not only can triathlon be fun, but it can be a family sport. The illustrations show more detail than our first book and if you look closely, you can see some of the finer points of the sport. For example: You can see Mommy just after a bare foot dismount coming into T2 or how Daddy has Co2 cartridges and spare tires on his bike.

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