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June 15, 2006

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New rhyming Children’s book about the sport and lifestyle of Triathlon. June 2006

Glen McGowean (Husband, father, triathlete, author, dietitian and Mr. Mom) releases his second and third children’s books about the sport of triathlon. Once an elite triathlete, Glen paid attention to trying to win races. Now married with three young children, he sees things in a different light:

Now, when I train and when I am at a races, I see how families are involved in the sport. If a Mom is racing, Dad is unpacking the minivan and getting the kids all set up to watch Mom and vice versa if a Dad is racing. It is a beautiful thing and I didn’t notice it before, because I was too wrapped up in my own world.
Now, when I attend a race, I see a good percentage of the people racing with their own personal fan club.

I love it when I see my family on the side of the course. It makes me smile and if I am having a tough race, it all of a sudden gets put into perspective. I have so much more fun now, and that is what this sport is all about.

My kids love to look at their books and follow along as we read. One day my wife said, you know, I haven’t seen a children’s book about triathlon. Why don’t you write one. So, I wrote three. I am proud to announce the release of “Hey, There Goes My Mommy!” and “Hey, There Goes My Daddy!”

My first book, My Triathlon Family, was written for the younger child. Each page has a colorful picture and a simple idea.

My second and third books are written for the toddler. Every page also has a colorful picture, but the pictures include more of the finer points of triathlon, like: spare Co2 cartriges, computer chips strapped to the racers ankles, aero dynamic bikes with disc wheels and bare footed bike dismounts (triathlon talk). Each page has a bigger idea with more text and each page is written to rhyme so it is fun to read each and every time.

This lifestyle has allowed me to meet so many people at every level of the sport. Many have given me advice and guidance along my journey writing this series of books. With their permission I have included some of their business names and logo’s.

One of the really special additions to books two and three was from the race director from the race where I met my wife. The race director allowed us to use the name of his race, The Lake Zurich Triathlon, as the name of the race in the books.

This sport has touched us in so many ways, these books are our way of giving back to the sport.

My company, My Triathlon Family, donates a portion of it’s proceeds to select charities each year.

I will admit, I have deeper roots tied up in these books. Being a triathlete and a Dietitian, I am concerned that obesity has become a very serious problem in our country. As a dietitian that advocates health and wellness through an active lifestyle, I am excited to help in any way I can to get kids more involved in outside activities.

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