2009 Race Schedule

  • May 16th Galena, IL sprint
  • June 14th Eagleman 70.3 Cambridge, MD
  • June 30th Hyvee Olympic distance West DesMoines, IA
  • July 11th Valpo Indiana sprint
  • July 12th Schaumburg (IL) Duathlon
  • July 19th Spirit of Racine Half Ironman
  • Aug 2nd Lake County International Triathlon (formerly Lake Zurich tri)
  • Aug 30th Ironman Kentucky
  • Sept 20th Devils Challenge Baraboo, WI

2007 Race Schedule

  • June 10 Blackwater MD Half IM
  • June 17 Fathers day Daisy Dash IL
  • July 15 Kenosha Olympic WI
  • July 22 Racine Half IM WI (and I will be in the expo!)
  • July 29 Wauconda Sprint IL
  • August 5 Lake Zurich IL Olympic
  • August 26 IM Louisville KY (my first IM)
  • Sept 8 Lake Geneva Olympic WI
  • Sept 15 Half Max National Long Course Championships MO
  • Oct 13 Kona World Championships Hawaii (hopefully to race)
  • Nov 10 Clearwater FL

2006 Race schedule

  • April 2 Shamrock Shuffle 8K
  • April 29 Equestrian Challenge 5K
  • June 3 Honu Half Ironman Ford Ironman World Championship qualifier and 70.3 qualifier.
  • June 11 Bong Recreation Sprint
  • June 25 big foot
  • July 4th Wilmet 4 miler
  • July 23 Spirit of Racine
  • July 30 Wauconda sprint
  • August 20 Pleasant Prairie Olympic
  • Sept 3 Monaco Half IM

2005 Race Schedule

  • April 3 Shamrock Shuffle 8K
  • May 8 Jubilee Jog Wilmette, IL
  • May 21-22 Memphis in May Amateur Challenge
  • June 12 Kenosha, WI YMCA Sprint
  • June 19 Clarendon Hills Daisy Dash 5K
  • July 2 Pardeeville, WI Sprint
  • July 3 Wilmette 4 miler
  • July 4 Mundelein 5K
  • July 24 Spirit of Racine Half IM
  • August 14 Lake Zurich, IL Olympic
  • August 21 Pleasant Prairie, WI Sprint
  • September 10 Lake Geneva Sprint
  • September 25 US Half IM Championships. MO

2005 Expo Schedule

  • June 11 Naperville, IL Reebok Womens Triathlon expo
  • July 10 Danskins Womans Triathlon Pleasant Prairie, WI
  • July 23 Spirit of Racine Half IM expo
  • August 26-27 Accenture Chicago Triathlon expo Hilton. I will be at Rich Ducar's The Bike Shop booth.
  • August 27 McDonald's kid's & Fleetfeet Supersprint Triathlons. Booth will be at the finish line

Race Reports




"From the outside looking in, IM can look like a day of pure torture, but it's not all blood and guts. There are points in the race where there is absolute freedom. That intense pre-race anticipation changes to relief when the cannon goes off. 'I am racing' you tell yourself. You forget about the immensity of the day. But suddenly it hits you, the day is a lot more than a swim in the ocean. I'll have to ride 112 miles then come up with enough reasons to run a marathon. You always know the day will take a lot, but now you realize it will take a lot more than you ever imagined. You have uncovered your first layer of sole. You realize, 'I can't hide.'

'You think you know what it is going to take to become an IM. You plan, you train, you line it all up just right, but then you're tested. You don't even know if you can finish. Now the island calls you: 'OK, big shot. Don't try and hide from me. Show me what you've got. Show me your strength. Show me your humility. Be born back into your innocence remember it, that childhood place where just living is good enough. Do that and I'll give you what you need to go on. Fight me, and you'll be crushed under your own fears. Freedom is inside of you. Find the courage to keep going.'" - Mark Allen on Ironman