My Triathlon Family

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"With more and more parents doing triathlons My Triathlon Family; gives young children an example of how they fit into the fitness scene. The illustrations make it easy for the youngest to see themselves in the future of triathlons. I am looking forward to giving my great grandchildren a copy of My Triathlon Family. My grandson is an accomplished triathlete".-- Carl Granetzke- triathlete/runner.

"Can't wait until the new book comes out. This book was the perfect beginner reader for my son. We both enjoyed the story and the pictures. I am sure it is quickly becoming a new favorite"--Heather Golnick

"My son loves when I read him your book. When we get to the end of the story, he says 'read it again, Mommy, read it again.'" -- Lauren Jensen

Book Summary

This children's book looks at the lifestyle of the triathlete. Triathlon is not only for the super fit. This lifestyle promotes health and wellness.

The story starts with a typical morning on a bright beautiful day. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. There is more to the sport of triathlon.  It is not all about the race. It is more about the journey.  Enjoy the outdoors.  Appreciate the colors, the flowers and the fresh air.

Enjoy the people that surround and support you. In this book, the young boy enjoys all the time and activities this lifestyle has to offer. It is mentioned that the young boy doesn't understand the sport yet but really enjoys the lifestyle.

In the end, the young boy wants to do a triathlon with mom and dad someday and they will cheer for him this time.

About the book

Author and triathlete, Glen McGowean, paints a fascinating picture of the sport as a lifestyle that promotes health and wellness perfectly suited for everyone.

Written for the younger child, My Triathlon Family, starts with a typical morning, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. A young boy is outdoors playing triathlon with his parents although he has not fully grasped the lifestyle yet. He dreams of racing triathlon one day and his parents will cheer for him.

My Triathlon Family is a chapter out of Glen's family life. This one of a kind book will help introduce kids to the sport and lifestyle that is triathlon. In these pages filled with colorful illustrations, he demonstrates that there is more to the sport than meets the eye. "It's not about the race, it's more about the journey," he says.

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$19.95 Hardcover

$13.95 Softcover